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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What two drugs does Malcolm discover in Harlem?
(a) Alcohol and marijuana
(b) Meth and heroin
(c) Opium and marijuana
(d) Pain killers and alcohol

2. What does Malcolm start selling in this chapter?
(a) Stolen clothes
(b) Cigarettes
(c) Heroin
(d) Marijuana

3. Who approaches Malcolm while he is watching Billie Holliday?
(a) The police
(b) Sammy
(c) Miles Davis
(d) Archie

4. Which members of the gang try to get into houses for tours?
(a) Sophia and her sister
(b) Malcolm and Rudy
(c) Sophia and Malcolm
(d) Shorty and Sophia's sister

5. What does Malcolm inherit from his mother?
(a) Her blonde hair
(b) Her light skin
(c) Her charisma
(d) Her pudgy hands

Short Answer Questions

1. How many siblings does Malcolm X have?

2. What job does Shorty find for Malcolm?

3. What is Malcolm's hairstyle called?

4. In what sport does Malcolm excel at school?

5. Where does Malcolm hide when Sophia's friend comes into the house?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Malcolm's press conference in Chapter 18.

2. Describe Harlem while Malcolm is living there.

3. How are Malcolm and his gang able to get into the houses to rob them?

4. Describe Malcolm's visit home in Chapter 5.

5. What does Alex Haley write in this chapter,written after Malcolm's death?

6. Why did prison prove to be a good thing for Malcolm?

7. What does Malcolm learn when he moves to Boston?

8. Why does Malcolm decide to take a course in English?

9. Describe this final chapter.

10. Describe Laura.

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