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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Malcolm name his new organization?
(a) Nation of Humans
(b) Organization of African Unity
(c) Society for Afro Americans
(d) Organization of World Unity

2. How does Sammy die?
(a) Alcholism
(b) Heart disease
(c) Old age
(d) A drug overdose

3. What kind of personality does Haley state that Malcolm has?
(a) A stubborn personality
(b) An angry personality
(c) A noble personality
(d) An electric personality

4. What does Malcolm feel iss the solution to Afro American problems?
(a) Civil war
(b) Unity
(c) Going back to Africa
(d) Education

5. What does Malcolm tell Muhammad he is discontented with about the Nation of Islam?
(a) Their treatment of women
(b) The recruiting process
(c) Their treatment of whites
(d) Their hypocrisy

6. To shich country's racism does Malcolm compare America?
(a) Saudi Arabia
(b) Germany
(c) India
(d) Israel

7. Who does Malcolm borrow money from to go on his pilgrimage?
(a) Sammy
(b) Reginald
(c) Ella
(d) Betty

8. Who edits Malcolm's autobiography?
(a) Richard Wright
(b) Alex Haley
(c) James Baldwin
(d) Elmore Leonard

9. How many hours of taped recordings does Haley have of interviews between himself and Malcolm?
(a) 50 hours
(b) Hundred of hours
(c) 80 hours
(d) Thousands of hours

10. What is the name of Elijah's son?
(a) Wallace
(b) Norbert
(c) Davis
(d) Jackie

11. What does Haley provide an overview of in this chapter?
(a) The nation of Islam
(b) The entire book
(c) Events surrounding Malcolm's death
(d) The difficulties in writing an autobiography

12. Why does Elijah Muhammad stop speaking for the organization?
(a) His son dies
(b) He falls ill
(c) He is too busy
(d) Malcolm is more charismatic

13. Where is Muhammad relocated to in this chapter?
(a) Los Angeles
(b) Phoenix
(c) Pittsburgh
(d) Michigan

14. Which city did Malcolm move to after his release from prison?
(a) Seattle
(b) Detroit
(c) New York
(d) Chicago

15. What is Malcolm surprised about on his travels?
(a) He is hated everywhere
(b) He is accepted as a muslim
(c) He known throughout the world
(d) No one follows him from America

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Malcolm say are his biggest opponents?

2. To what woman does Malcolm propose?

3. What do the whites call Malcolm?

4. In what year does this chapter open?

5. What is Malcolm surprised about when he visits Cairo?

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