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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For how many years is Malcolm jailed?
(a) 16 years
(b) 10-15 years
(c) 8-10 years
(d) 20 years

2. Where does Malcolm hide when Sophia's friend comes into the house?
(a) In the attic
(b) In the closet
(c) In the bathroom
(d) Under the bed

3. What does Malcolm have to do for the madam?
(a) Stand by the door
(b) Take white men into Harlem
(c) Deal drugs to the customers
(d) Clean the rooms

4. What does Malcolm sell to the customers on the train?
(a) Reefers
(b) Newspapers
(c) Beverages and snacks
(d) Tickets

5. How many words does Malcolm claim are part of his vocabulary before he starts reading?
(a) 350 words
(b) 200 words
(c) 50 words
(d) 500 words

6. What used to attract white people to Harlem?
(a) The restaurants
(b) A circus show
(c) The houses
(d) The music scene

7. Where is Malcolm's mother homeland?
(a) Sudan
(b) Gambia
(c) The West Indies
(d) Nigeria

8. Who is Malcolm approached by at the dance?
(a) The major
(b) Miles Davis
(c) Sophia
(d) A policeman

9. Why did Malcolm get fired from his job on the railway?
(a) He is rude to the white patrons
(b) He eats all the food
(c) He lets his friends ride on the train for free
(d) He steals money

10. Which Boston friend continues to visit Malcolm in New York?
(a) Laura
(b) Ella
(c) Shorty
(d) Sophia

11. What does Malcolm say Harlem has lost in this chapter?
(a) Its white population
(b) Its nightlife
(c) Its women
(d) Its beauty

12. Which area of New York does Malcolm discover during his train rides?
(a) Harlem
(b) Brooklyn
(c) Manhattan
(d) The Bronx

13. Which members of the gang try to get into houses for tours?
(a) Sophia and Malcolm
(b) Sophia and her sister
(c) Malcolm and Rudy
(d) Shorty and Sophia's sister

14. What is Malcolm's hairstyle called?
(a) An afro
(b) A crackerjack
(c) A conk
(d) A straight back and sides

15. What do Laura and Malcolm make a date to do?
(a) Dance
(b) Eat dinner
(c) Sing
(d) Ice skate

Short Answer Questions

1. How many times is Malcolm questioned on local robberies?

2. Who comes to visit Malcolm in this chapter?

3. What does Malcolm have to use for a toilet in his cell?

4. In what sport does Malcolm excel at school?

5. Where does Ella find Malcolm a job at the beginning of the chapter?

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