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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Malcolm say he keeps his ears to when Archie is after him?
(a) The frontdoor
(b) The grapevine
(c) The telephone
(d) The window

2. What do Malcolm and Hymie talk about?
(a) Marrying Hymie's daughter
(b) Marxism
(c) Money
(d) The oppression of Jews and blacks

3. What does Malcolm take to a jeweler to be repaired?
(a) A wall clock
(b) A necklace
(c) A stolen watch
(d) A bracelet

4. With which character does Malcolm commit burglaries?
(a) Shorty
(b) Sammy
(c) Archie
(d) Ella

5. Which character in this chapter wants to kill Malcolm?
(a) Sammy
(b) Shorty
(c) Sophia
(d) Archie

Short Answer Questions

1. What later happens to Hymie?

2. Whose friends stop Malcolm and Archie from killing each other?

3. What does Malcolm pretend to be to get out of serving in the army?

4. What kind of school did Malcolm have to attend while at the Gohannas?

5. What does Malcolm inherit from his mother?

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