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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Malcolm's hairstyle called?
(a) An afro
(b) A straight back and sides
(c) A conk
(d) A crackerjack

2. What is the name of the first family with whom Malcolm lives?
(a) Lansing
(b) Gohannas
(c) Jones
(d) Swerlings

3. How long does Malcolm spend looking around the city?
(a) Two months
(b) Two weeks
(c) Three weeks
(d) A month

4. What does Ella encourage Malcolm to do before he gets a job?
(a) Learn an instrument
(b) Get an education
(c) Learn about religion
(d) Explore the city

5. Who arranges for official custody of Malcolm at the end of this chapter?
(a) His sister
(b) The Swerlings
(c) His mother
(d) His grandparents

Short Answer Questions

1. How is Malcolm's father killed?

2. What does Malcolm say black men are trying to look like with their conk hairstyles?

3. Who runs the detention home to which Malcolm is sent?

4. How far is the detention home from Lansing?

5. What job does Shorty find for Malcolm?

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