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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 17.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What country does Malcolm's plane make a stop in on its way to Saudi Arabia?
(a) Iceland
(b) Germany
(c) Russia
(d) Britain

2. What kind of school did Malcolm have to attend while at the Gohannas?
(a) A state school
(b) A boarding school
(c) A private school
(d) A reform school

3. What does Malcolm say is the equivalent of money in prison?
(a) Cigarettes
(b) Syringes
(c) Toilet paper
(d) Books

4. How does Sammy die?
(a) Alcholism
(b) A drug overdose
(c) Old age
(d) Heart disease

5. Which members of the gang try to get into houses for tours?
(a) Sophia and Malcolm
(b) Sophia and her sister
(c) Shorty and Sophia's sister
(d) Malcolm and Rudy

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Muhammad send Malcolm to build a temple?

2. What word does Malcolm use for the first time at a press conference?

3. What do Laura and Malcolm make a date to do?

4. Why are Malcolm's friends impressed with his dating Sophia?

5. What kind of drug is Malcolm on when he goes over to talk to Sophia in the bar?

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