The Autobiography of Malcolm X Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter 1

• Malcolm X's story opens with a story about how the Ku Klux Klan visits his home while his mother is pregnant with him.

• One of eight children, Malcolm grows up in poverty, moving a number of times before his family settles in Michigan.

• Once the family settles in Lansing, Michigan, Malcolm's father continues to preach about returning to Africa.

• Malcolm father's preaching does not go well with the local white community, and he is brutally murdered.

• Malcolm and his siblings are placed in foster homes. His mother is sent to a mental institution where she remaines for the twenty-six years.

Chapter 2

• Malcolm goes to live with the Gohannas family, but he soon gets into trouble at school and is sent to a detention home.

• When Malcolm is eventually sent to school again, he is the only African-American attending. He does very well in school, consistently scoring as...

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