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Short Answer Questions

1. McCall has finished his probation, and according to Chapter 31, has a job offer where?

2. In Part III of the book, McCall describes how he never does this in front of white people?

3. In Chapter 42, McCall works where?

4. In Chapter 26, a college professor introduces McCall to what religion?

5. What is the name of McCall's brother that locates McCall's biological father after he has been absent from their lives for so long?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does McCall feel like a slave on an auction block in Chapter 27?

2. In Part III, what relationship does McCall have with his editor?

3. What does McCall like about Islam according to Chapter 26?

4. What happens in Chapter 40 when McCall is challenged by another driver?

5. Why does McCall feel he is bringing another child into a world of pain and strife (Chapter 32)?

6. What happens when McCall deals with the question of whether to abort his own child and an assignment in Chapter 31?

7. What does McCall fear about his kids from Debbie and what does he do about it, according to Chapter 34?

8. Why are Debbie's parents happy about the pregnancy, while McCall's parents are not in Chapter 32?

9. How does Stanley's visit become a turning point for McCall and the drug scene?

10. Why do Debbie and McCall work on staying married?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In Chapter 34, McCall talks about the pressure not to marry Debbie and his idea that the marriage will legitimize things. Explain circumstances. Discuss how the the pressure to not marry and McCall's perception of "legitimization" compare to McCall's decisions in earlier years on the streets and in the prison.

Essay Topic 2

Looking at Part III of the book, highlight examples of McCall's race sensitivity as well as when he let it overcome him and when he stepped back and did not let it cloud his decisions.

Essay Topic 3

In Part I of the book, McCall describes his decision to steal as a rite of passage. What is a rite of passage, and how does McCall's decision to take from others constitute such a reference?

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