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Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 10, McCall talks about gifts under a Christmas tree that he ____.

2. How old was McCall's mother when she began her relationship with McCall's biological father?

3. When the family arrives at their new home in 1964, McCall's stepfather works full-time and does lawn work part-time to support the family, after retiring from where?

4. Why does McCall start ignoring his friends after he is named homecoming king?

5. At St. Brides, McCall is near his home and can have more what?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does McCall's relationship with his son, Monroe, compare to McCall's relationship with his biological father as described in Chapter 30?

2. According to McCall in Chapter 6, why does he expect that his mother should have talked to her boys about sex?

3. Why does McCall dislike his stepfather's behavior with white people?

4. How does the fellowship program in Missouri help McCall deal with his racial sensitivity?

5. What does McCall realize about his life after Moses Battle teaches him how to play chess in Chapter 17?

6. What happens when McCall deals with the question of whether to abort his own child and an assignment in Chapter 31?

7. What happens with Plaz and how is McCall's stepfather involved?

8. McCall's relationship with Elisabeth Miller keeps him off the streets but raises a different issue. Explain.

9. When several of McCall's friends decide to drop out of school, why does McCall stay in school?

10. Why is McCall now afraid of the people with whom he was once so comfortable?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In Chapter 14, McCall shoots a man who had once raped and is now harassing Elisabeth. How does the system handle McCall and this crime and how does this compare to how something like this might be handled in today's system with a shooter like McCall and a man like Plaz? Consider the type of threat to Elisabeth as an influencing factor as well.

Essay Topic 2

In Chapter 34, McCall talks about the pressure not to marry Debbie and his idea that the marriage will legitimize things. Explain circumstances. Discuss how the the pressure to not marry and McCall's perception of "legitimization" compare to McCall's decisions in earlier years on the streets and in the prison.

Essay Topic 3

How does McCall's driving around and never finding his friends serve as an analogy of his life up to this point? Be specific and support with details from McCall's life up to this point.

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