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Short Answer Questions

1. In 1964, McCall and his family move into a new housing development called what?

2. In Chapter 2, readers discover that many feel the new housing development for blacks was created not to provide equal housing but for what?

3. Who does McCall ask to marry him but he is moved to Southampton before the ceremony can take place?

4. In Chapter 12, McCall looks at what movie/show and how it affects young black men?

5. In Chapter 8, McCall is severely beaten by whom?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does McCall proceed with the advice he got from Milton regarding his prison record during the Washington Post interview?

2. Why does McCall feel he is bringing another child into a world of pain and strife (Chapter 32)?

3. McCall's relationship with Elisabeth Miller keeps him off the streets but raises a different issue. Explain.

4. Why do Debbie and McCall work on staying married?

5. How does the fellowship program in Missouri help McCall deal with his racial sensitivity?

6. In Chapter 11, McCall is hustling people and breaking into homes; why does he stop?

7. How does McCall and Elisabeth's scam affect them and the neighborhood?

8. What does the Cadillac symbolize for McCall's stepfather in Chapter 10 and how does it affect McCall?

9. In Part III, what relationship does McCall have with his editor?

10. In Chapter 20 and 21, how do McCall's encounters with women affect him?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

How does McCall's driving around and never finding his friends serve as an analogy of his life up to this point? Be specific and support with details from McCall's life up to this point.

Essay Topic 2

In the end of the book, McCall observes, with fear, the younger men on the block at his old hang out, the 7-Eleven. As a young black man growing up in urban America, McCall's every experience has been different or at the very least tainted by racism or misguided rites of passage. His fear of another man's rage has him easing back into his car and leaving the block. Using his story as your guide, explain how McCall's thoughts during this instance would be perceived as a betrayal by some (whom) but as maturity, growth by others (whom).

Essay Topic 3

Looking at Part III of the book, highlight examples of McCall's race sensitivity as well as when he let it overcome him and when he stepped back and did not let it cloud his decisions.

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