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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following is an inaccurate characterization of Nicholas Urfe?
(a) User of women.
(b) Self-involved child.
(c) Disinterested Teacher.
(d) Published Poet.

2. Which of the following characters owns the villa?
(a) Leverrier.
(b) Mitford.
(c) Demetriades.
(d) Conchis.

3. How does Nicholas describe the idea of being in Greece?
(a) Something he needed to be talked into.
(b) The only option for a future he had open to him.
(c) Taking an almost obsessive hold over him.
(d) His life's greatest desire.

4. With whom does Conchis take refuge after he leaves England?
(a) Army buddy.
(b) Mother.
(c) Lily.
(d) Greek uncle.

5. Which of the following is found in the manifesto Nicholas reads?
(a) Life is all an illusion.
(b) Without reason, life is meaningless.
(c) It is possible to communicate with other life forms.
(d) It is necessary to be at one with nature.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who arrives to interrupt Nicholas' thoughts?

2. What did Conchis study when he was in Argentina?

3. What causes Nicholas to flee in a fearful panic after his nap?

4. How does Nicholas feel as he and Alison break up?

5. How does Nicholas find Athens?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the character of Mitford describe life on the island to Nicholas and what does he speak mysteriously about?

2. What information does Conchis volunteer to Nicholas?

3. What does Nicholas decide about meeting Alison and what does he resolve to do about it?

4. What had changed in the room Nicholas was using when he stayed at Conchis' villa and how was it different?

5. What decisions did Conchis come to in regard to war and what did this make him determined to do?

6. What discovery did Conchis describe in relation to Lily and where did he believe those feelings came from?

7. What relationship did Conchis tell Nicholas about and in what way was he like Conchis?

8. While Nicholas is walking back to the school after his weekend with Conchis, what does he feel as though he entered?

9. What happens to Nicholas when he accompanies Demetriades and what does he do about this?

10. What does Lily admit to Nicholas while they are together on the beach after lunch?

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