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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Nicholas see in the garden?
(a) Maria gathering flowers.
(b) Conchis talking to a woman.
(c) Woman in white.
(d) Two people in an embrace.

2. What did Nicholas ask Conchis if he would agree to?
(a) To ask no questions.
(b) To provide him with no women.
(c) To allow him to move to the villa.
(d) To keep their conversation superficial.

3. Which of the following does Conchis say about the odds of survival?
(a) They always result in negative consequences.
(b) They increase greatly depending on intelligence.
(c) They decrease exponentially the longer the battle.
(d) They are stacked against those who fight and the societies that insist upon it.

4. What does Nicholas discover he has as he leaves Conchis' villa?
(a) Alison waiting for him.
(b) Woman's glove.
(c) Statue.
(d) The Magus.

5. What does Nicholas resolve not to do?
(a) Be compliant.
(b) Be angry.
(c) Be fooled.
(d) Be surprised.

6. What does Nicholas do after breakfast?
(a) Searches for what made the sounds he heard.
(b) Tries to engage Maria in conversation.
(c) Waits for Conchis in the garden.
(d) Goes to the beach to swim.

7. What does Lily allow Nicholas to do before she leaves him?
(a) Ask her one last question.
(b) Kiss her on the mouth.
(c) Send a message with her to Conchis.
(d) Hypnotize her.

8. What does Nicholas realize about the telegram from Alison?
(a) Conchis read it.
(b) Other people know where he is.
(c) Maria is unhappy bringing it.
(d) He wants to see Alison.

9. When did Conchis return to Europe?
(a) When he got word that Lily was killed.
(b) When the war was over.
(c) When he finished his education.
(d) When his father died.

10. How does Nicholas feel as he walks back to the school?
(a) As if his life is just beginning.
(b) As if he is looking through a thick fog.
(c) As though he is returning to reality.
(d) As if he is being punished.

11. Which of the following words best describes how Nicholas slept after seeing who he thought was Lily?
(a) He didn't sleep.
(b) With many dreams.
(c) Fitful.
(d) Well.

12. How does Conchis explain war to Nicholas?
(a) Young men vowing to take a chance on dying.
(b) Surprises of character and strength.
(c) Incomprehensible pain with no reward.
(d) Candor and surprise mixed with grief and death.

13. Which of the following characters was Nicholas' predecessor at the school?
(a) Miftord.
(b) Byron.
(c) Johnson.
(d) Alison.

14. Which of the following is an inaccurate characterization of Nicholas Urfe?
(a) Published Poet.
(b) User of women.
(c) Self-involved child.
(d) Disinterested Teacher.

15. Which of the following characters was the name of the woman Conchis fell in love with?
(a) Maria.
(b) Alison.
(c) Carina.
(d) Lily.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Alison feel about Nicholas' response?

2. How does the conversation between Nicholas and Lily on the beach end?

3. What does Nicholas continue to hear that it appears Conchis does not hear?

4. What did Conchis study when he was in Argentina?

5. What does Conchis show Nicholas at the end of this section?

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