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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Nicholas do instead of visiting the villa?
(a) Returns to school.
(b) Hides and spies on the villa.
(c) Continues on his adventure.
(d) Runs in the opposite direction.

2. What kind of habitation does Nicholas notice near the villa?
(a) Feminine habitation.
(b) Bird habitation.
(c) Animal habitation.
(d) Masculine habitation.

3. What sort of people does Conchis hint that Nicholas is?
(a) Authentic.
(b) Chosen.
(c) Open-minded.
(d) Reserved.

4. What wakes Alison and Nicholas up?
(a) Lily.
(b) Police.
(c) Conchis.
(d) Wandering shepherd.

5. How does Nicholas feel as he walks back to the school?
(a) As if he is looking through a thick fog.
(b) As if he is being punished.
(c) As though he is returning to reality.
(d) As if his life is just beginning.

6. What does Nicholas realize about the telegram from Alison?
(a) He wants to see Alison.
(b) Conchis read it.
(c) Maria is unhappy bringing it.
(d) Other people know where he is.

7. How does Nicholas feel after he asks Conchis the same question that Conchis had previously asked Nicholas who agrees and the two part ways?
(a) An indescribable pain.
(b) A realistic and reassuring relief.
(c) An indescribable new sensation.
(d) A strong desire to harm himself.

8. What would happen if Nicholas lost the game of chance Conchis proposed?
(a) He would have to tell Conchis his secrets.
(b) He would be expelled from the island.
(c) He would have to leave the villa.
(d) He would die.

9. How does Conchis respond when Nicholas apologizes?
(a) He walks away from Nicholas.
(b) He says that he is not offended.
(c) He ignores Nicholas.
(d) He accepts the apology.

10. What is Nicholas searching for as this novel opens?
(a) A teacher.
(b) A job.
(c) A wife.
(d) His parents.

11. What does Conchis show Nicholas at the end of this section?
(a) A statuette.
(b) A dead octopus.
(c) A glove.
(d) A woman in white.

12. How does Nicholas react to the smoke he sees coming from the chimney of a house?
(a) Terror.
(b) Surprise.
(c) Fear.
(d) Anger.

13. What did Nicholas find in Conchis' home that he found astonishing?
(a) A large group of women.
(b) Original works of art.
(c) Nude models.
(d) Mirrors everywhere.

14. How does Demetriades appear to spend all of his free time?
(a) Drinking and visiting brothels.
(b) Hanging out with students.
(c) Studying for further exams.
(d) Secluding himself in his room.

15. What country does Conchis go to after he leaves England?
(a) Argentina.
(b) Italy.
(c) Greece.
(d) Chile.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following is found in the manifesto Nicholas reads?

2. What do Nicholas and Lily encounter as they walk back to the house?

3. What does Nicholas tell Conchis about love?

4. What does Nicholas think Conchis' events the following evening will have to do with?

5. What captivates Nicholas immediately upon his arrival in Greece?

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