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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Nicholas do after breakfast?
(a) Goes to the beach to swim.
(b) Searches for what made the sounds he heard.
(c) Waits for Conchis in the garden.
(d) Tries to engage Maria in conversation.

2. What does the message from Conchis tell Nicholas?
(a) That Nicholas has received a telegram.
(b) That Conchis wants him to leave the villa.
(c) That Nicholas should meet Conchis immediately.
(d) That Conchis was called away.

3. How does Alison respond to Nicholas' confession about Bourani?
(a) Reserved emotions.
(b) Surprise and quiet.
(c) Hurt and anger.
(d) Tears and pleadingly.

4. What conclusion does Nicholas come to about Conchis in this section of the novel?
(a) That he has special gifts and skills.
(b) That he is hiding the truth from Nicholas.
(c) That he cannot be trusted.
(d) That he must be mad.

5. What does Nicholas think Conchis might be?
(a) Criminal.
(b) Transvestite.
(c) Divine being.
(d) Scholar.

6. What did Conchis study when he was in Argentina?
(a) War.
(b) Music.
(c) Writing.
(d) Medicine.

7. What does Conchis insist in regard to Nicholas?
(a) He asks no questions.
(b) He shares his life story with Conchis.
(c) He never interrupts when Conchis is talking.
(d) He does not touch Conchis in anyway.

8. Which of the following characters is the protagonist of this novel?
(a) Mitford.
(b) Byron.
(c) Alison.
(d) Nicholas.

9. Which of the following characters was the name of the woman Conchis fell in love with?
(a) Alison.
(b) Maria.
(c) Carina.
(d) Lily.

10. Which of the following does Conchis say about the odds of survival?
(a) They always result in negative consequences.
(b) They increase greatly depending on intelligence.
(c) They decrease exponentially the longer the battle.
(d) They are stacked against those who fight and the societies that insist upon it.

11. What job is Alison training for?
(a) Airline stewardess.
(b) Bartender.
(c) Writer.
(d) Teacher.

12. Why does Conchis take a break while telling Nicholas his life story?
(a) To get some brandy.
(b) To regain his composure.
(c) To check on the dessert.
(d) To catch Nicholas off guard.

13. Who arrives to interrupt Nicholas' thoughts?
(a) Conchis.
(b) Lily.
(c) Alison.
(d) Maria.

14. Which of the following is an accurate description of the school at which Nicholas finds a job?
(a) It is located in Italy.
(b) It is a private school.
(c) It is an all girl's school.
(d) It is a college.

15. How does Nicholas describe the idea of being in Greece?
(a) Something he needed to be talked into.
(b) His life's greatest desire.
(c) The only option for a future he had open to him.
(d) Taking an almost obsessive hold over him.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Nicholas think Conchis' events the following evening will have to do with?

2. In what language are the words "the waiting room" when Nicholas stumbles across the sign?

3. How does the conversation between Nicholas and Lily on the beach end?

4. How many English speaking teachers are there at Nicholas' school?

5. Which of the following characters do the villagers claim never to have seen?

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