The Magus Character Descriptions

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Nicholas Urfe - This character is, on some level, the archetype of The Hero, a character similar to that found in many myths and legends, one whose external conflicts trigger internal transformation and ultimately spiritual transcendence.

Conchis - This character is a powerful and skilled manipulator, one with seemingly limitless material resources and an equally limitless capacity for quick thinking and improvisation.

Alison - This character functions as a primary love interest, as an antagonist, and as an embodiment of several Tarot figures.

Lily / Julie / Vanessa - This character on one level let her multiple identities define her as representing the Moon, the Tarot card evoking changeability and the eternal cycle of transformation.

Demitriades - There is the possibility that this character, too, represents an archetypal Tarot figure - that of the Devil, the spirit of unrestrained desires and appetites, particularly sexual.

Maria - This character, at...

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