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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is it surprising that the Americans donated another gram of radium to Marie?
(a) The radium was for Poland.
(b) Marie's refusal to return to America.
(c) THere was an on-going war.
(d) A looming financial crisis.

2. Why does Pierre take a position at the P.C.N.?
(a) It pays better.
(b) There are better research facilities.
(c) He and Marie move.
(d) They offerred him a grant.

3. Why does Eve believe Marie did not provide her with the kind of discipline she may have needed?
(a) She never got over her grief.
(b) She was too emotionally unstable.
(c) She respected Eve's free will too much.
(d) She had Irene to share her own views and beliefs.

4. What profession does Mrs. William Brown Meloney practice?
(a) University professor.
(b) Scientist specializing in X-rays.
(c) Labroatory assistant.
(d) Magazine editor.

5. What does Marie specifically make time to do now that she had not done previously?
(a) Use her name to gather funds.
(b) Spend more time with her family.
(c) Travel to support scientific projects.
(d) Teach others about her research.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the American public rank Marie Curie which her children see for the first time?

2. What did Marie donate to the lab that she does not want taken?

3. What does Marie refuse?

4. What does the Royal Institution want with Pierre?

5. What does Pierre discover about radiation?

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