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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Marie rest after she spends her day working at the laboratory?
(a) Cooking.
(b) Reading.
(c) Corresponding with her colleagues.
(d) Playing with her granddaughter.

2. What does Marie specifically make time to do now that she had not done previously?
(a) Teach others about her research.
(b) Travel to support scientific projects.
(c) Use her name to gather funds.
(d) Spend more time with her family.

3. What obscured Pierre's vision?
(a) A horse.
(b) A crowd.
(c) A wagon.
(d) A closed cab.

4. What balance do the Curies find disrupted by their newfound famous status?
(a) That between work and publishing.
(b) That between work and finances.
(c) That between personal life and work.
(d) That between family and financial.

5. What does Marie do with the clothes Pierre was wearing when he was killed?
(a) She cuts them up and throws them in the fire.
(b) She cleans them meticuously.
(c) She gives them to Bronya to get rid of.
(d) She cuts them into pieces for a quilt.

6. What does Marie have to endure as she grows older that she hides from her workers?
(a) Hearing loss.
(b) Memory loss.
(c) Inability to speak clearly.
(d) Temporary blindness.

7. What news does Maire receive about her father?
(a) That he is leaving Poland.
(b) That he has died.
(c) That he has money for her.
(d) That he is very ill.

8. What is one of Eve's earliest memories of her mother?
(a) Sleeping on her lab table.
(b) Collapsing in a faint.
(c) Working in the lab.
(d) Crying about her deceased father.

9. What does Pierre discover about radiation?
(a) It destroys diseased cells.
(b) It is difficult to identify.
(c) It is making him sick.
(d) It can be manufactored without radium.

10. Which of the following characters seems to be as despotic as Marie once was?
(a) Irene.
(b) Helene.
(c) Eve.
(d) Joliot.

11. About how many of the "little Curies" did Marie personally create by the end of the war?
(a) 2 million.
(b) 2.
(c) 200.
(d) 2000.

12. What does Marie's discovery cause to be re-examined?
(a) Laws of physics.
(b) Nature of the universe.
(c) Handling of materials.
(d) Treatment of rheumatism.

13. Why doesn't Marie go with Pierre to the Royal Society?
(a) She needs to take care of her father.
(b) She is not allowed.
(c) She is too pregnant.
(d) She is ill.

14. What does the Royal Institution want with Pierre?
(a) To head their research department.
(b) To teach at their institute.
(c) To give a lecture on radium.
(d) To get treatment for his illness.

15. What does Marie begin to devote her time to establish in her role as a member of the International Committee on Intellectual Co-operation?
(a) Establishing services for the poor.
(b) Establishing a copyright for scientists.
(c) Establishing a series of new labs.
(d) Establishing a sharing policy among the countries.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Marie maintain despite the fact that she is growing weak and aging?

2. What do Pierre's frustrations and poor health cause Marie to do?

3. What is the one problem with the house in Sceaux?

4. Why do the professors arouse criticism?

5. Why is Marie able to find friends in the peasants of the village?

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