Madame Bovary Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. In Chapter 1, what clues are given that Charles Bovary is a member of the middle class and is considered an "ordinary" person?

Charles shows that he is an "ordinary" person by his performance in school. He is an average student, who must work very hard just to get barely proficient grades. He does not fit in well with his upper-class schoolmates and is raised inconsistently by his mother and father. Once in medical school, he does not perform well and must rely on his mother's intercessions in order to graduate.

2. In Chapter 2, Emma is introduced to the reader. How is she described?

Emma is described as having impeccably manicured nails and compelling dark eyes.

3. What are some details about Emma's ideal wedding in Chapter 3 that seem a bit eccentric or unusual?

Emma's desire for an unusual wedding makes her prefer to do something such as a midnight ceremony lit by torchlight. She also asks that her guests refrain from playing the usual tricks on the newlyweds that they usually do.

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