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Objective: Part 1: Chapter 1 | Part 1: Chapter 2 From the beginning of the novel we see how Charles Bovary is an inherently weak character. He easily led into making decisions that he does not fully understand, and is often pulled in different directions by people with different and conflicting motives. Particularly Charles is influenced by the women in his life--his mother, his first wife (the Widow Dubuc) and eventually Emma. Objective: Students will be able to identify clues from the text that describe Charles' character and predict how those characteristics will influence his actions and those of his friends and family.

1. Character Map: Make a character map of Charles Bovary. List details about his appearance and personality, what others think about him, and how others influence his decisions.

2. Class discussion: Charles refers to his first wife as his "master" but doesn't seem to have the same clarity about his mother's...

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