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Write a poem that Emma might have written to either Léon or Rodolphe.

The Love Nest

Sketch a picture or make a collage showing what you imagine Emma and Léon's love nest in Rouen would have looked like.

Current Event

Find an article in the newspaper that reminds you of one of the events in "Madame Bovary." Explain why you chose that article.

Dear John Letter

A "Dear John" letter is written to break up a relationship. Write what you think was in one of the two Dear John letters that figure prominently in the novel - either the one from Rodolphe to Emma, or the one Emma writes to Léon which she throws out of the coach in Rouen.

Emma's iPod

Pick 10 songs that you think Emma would have on her iPod if she were alive today. Be prepared to explain why you...

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