Madame Bovary Character Descriptions

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Monsieur Binet - This character is Yonville's tax collector, who is not very social.

Monsieur Rodolphe Boulanger - Intelligent but cynical, this character eventually ends an affair, that was begun during a horseback ride, once it loses its initial charm.

Abbé Bournisien - This character reveals his lack of insight when he suggests that food and warmth should be enough to satisfy any woman.

Berthe Bovary - Ultimately, after a parent's death, this character's fate is to work in a cotton factory.

Charles Bovary - Despite this character's "flat" personality, many appreciate his responsible and predictable personality, while it causes others to take great advantage of him.

Monsieur Charles-Denis-Bartholomé Bovary - An embittered drunk and misanthrope, this character squandered a spouse's money through drink and a failed attempt at farming.

Madame Emma Bovary - Due to a sensuous nature and need for excitement, this character longs...

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