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Part 1: Chapter 1 | Part 1: Chapter 2

• Charles Bovary is introduced as an example of an ordinary, middle-class citizen without much natural talent.

• Charles' parents have a loveless marriage characterized by his father's infidelity, drinking and financial troubles.

• Charles' has an inconsistent upbringing and education.

• After initially failing his final exams to become a doctor, he is able to retake the test through the intercessions of his mother.

• Charles' mother selects a dull, but wealthy widow to become Charles' wife.

• After Monsieur Rouault breaks his leg, Charles meets his daughter Emma, who is shown to be a charming and passionate character.

• Madame Bovary is discovered to have exaggerated her income, shortly after which she dies.

Part 1: Chapter 3 | Part 1: Chapter 4

• Now a widower, Charles enjoys living on his own, but finds himself more and more attracted to Emma.

• Charles proposes to Emma.

• Emma begins making her wardrobe for her life as the...

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