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1. What is the subject and focus of Mad Love? What previous work of Andre Breton's did it expand upon?

Mad Love or L'Amour fou is surrealist theorist André Breton's case study on love. Following on his earlier work, Nadja, that chronicled his interactions with a young woman who was eventually shown to be mentally-unbalanced, Mad Love continues Breton's exploration of madness and love, demonstrating how, for the purposes of surrealist theory and practice, the two are intertwined.

2. What art form does Breton open Mad Love discussing? Why?

Mad Love opens with Breton invoking the theater, and by beginning the first section of the book this way, Breton immediately juxtaposed ideas of theater, audience, and performers. The reference to stage and the "unveiling" that occurs in theater are important metaphors for the unveiling that Breton wants to tackle in Mad Love, particularly as he is the actor, the analyst, and the author.

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