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Travel Agent

Research important travel facts about one of the location in O'Hara's poems (New York, Georgia, Paris etc) such as climate, history, famous places to visit, currency, hotels etc. Present the information to the class in the form of a website, brochure, or video.


Write a list of interview questions for O'Hara. Have one person play the journalist and the other Perkins. Have the students present their interview to the class.

Archived Interviews

Find articles or video interviews of the author, and have students present the interviews to the class. The video clips may be found via Youtube or other online search engine. Ask the students to answer the following questions: How does O'Hara present himself? Is he what you expected? Why or why not?

Photo Collage

Create photo collages to represent one of the poems in this collection. The collages should be presented to the...

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