Lunch Poems Character Descriptions

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Frank O'Haraappears in All poems

All poems are told in the first person from this person's point of view.

Almaappears in Alma

This person is a dancer from Detroit, whose story the author tells in four parts.

Buddhaappears in Image of the Buddha Preaching

This character goes on to call for the improvement of trade between Germany and England.

LeRoi Jonesappears in Personal Poem

This person joins the author for lunch to discuss music, art, literature, and the recent assault on Miles Davis.

Gianniappears in Rhapsody

This is the author's friend who accompanies him to the top of 515 Madison Avenue.

Johnappears in A Little Travel Diary

This is the author's companion on his tour of Spain and France. He is unclear whether they are lovers or merely friends.

Isadoraappears in Mary Desti's Ass

This is a friend of the author's that dances with him in Bayreuth, Germany.

O'Hara's Unnamed Loverappears in St. Paul and All That

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