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Music, Alma, On Rachmaninoff's Birthday, Poem (1)

• Music

• O'Hara eats a Liver sandwich at the Mayflower.

• He can't wait for the Christmas lights to arrive.

• Alma

• Alma is about a dancer O'Hara knows.

• O'Hara travels to Detroit to see Alma.

• He describes Detroit in classical terms.

• Alma dies but becomes a legend.

• On Rachmaninoff's Birthday

• This poem takes place in O'Hara's apartment.

• He is listening to the master.

• The clutter in his apartment drives O'Hara mad.

• Poem (1)

• O'Hara walks back to his apartment in the winter.

• He thinks about the benefits of tea.

• O'Hara believes if he had tea he would be more charming and less neurotic.

On the Way to San Remo, 2 Poems from the O'Hara Monogatari, A Step Away from Them, Cambridge, Poem (2), Three Airs

• On the Way to San Remo

• O'Hara reflects on the streets of New York.

• He describes maimed dogs, fat people, and ugly...

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