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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Carl note about Oyster's foot?
(a) That he has callouses
(b) That he's wearing a silver toe ring
(c) That his feet are cracked and dirty
(d) All the above

2. What is the effect of the spell Carl chants?
(a) He floats to the ceiling
(b) Money falls from the chandelier
(c) The chandelier disappears
(d) Mona dies

3. When does Carl realize that Sarge is really Helen?
(a) When she tells him it's her
(b) When she begins to cry over Patrick
(c) When she writes the note
(d) When she smiles at him

4. What is Helen working on when Carl returns to the real estate office?
(a) Her nails
(b) Her resume
(c) Translating the spells
(d) A miniature house

5. What color is the book Helen has been using as a planner?
(a) Red
(b) Purple
(c) Yellow
(d) White

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Carl call with his single phone call?

2. Who answers the phone when Carl calls the number that's appeared on his pager?

3. What does Helen say she did with the page containing the culling song?

4. What can be seen through the patio door?

5. What does Helen suggest Mona do in order to discover what was used to write the spells in grimoire?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Nash killing fashion models?

2. What does Mona do to get Carl released from jail?

3. What is Mona's reaction when Oyster asks her to come with him?

4. List two of the class action lawsuits Oyster has advertised in chapter 23.

5. What is Patrick's situation when Carl arrives at the hospital and what is his eventual fate?

6. Briefly describe the home of the race car driver.

7. What does Helen say about her method of controlling the power?

8. Describe the house Carl and his wife make for their daughter.

9. What happens to the Book Barn and why?

10. Describe the features of the planner that make Mona realize it's the grimoire.

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