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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Helen say Carl needs to do if he wants to learn to control this power?
(a) Take anger management classes
(b) Attend a Wiccan meeting
(c) Nothing
(d) Practice patience

2. Why is Carl really meeting Mona?
(a) He wants to buy a house
(b) He believes she is a witch
(c) He's working on a story
(d) He met her on an online dating site

3. What does Carl say Henderson dropped out of?
(a) Law school
(b) Journalism school
(c) Beauty college
(d) Life

4. What is the newscast that Helen hears that she encourages the others to listen to?
(a) That a senator has died of no apparent reason
(b) That the president has been assassinated
(c) That everyone in Carl's apartment building has died
(d) That a drug dealer is dead in Maimi

5. What does Carl believe happened to the Stuarts?
(a) Mona shot them
(b) They died of natural causes
(c) Helen sang them the culling song
(d) Duncan repeated the song to them

Short Answer Questions

1. What is near the bowl of oranges?

2. What is the setting for the story Carl reads about the 1983 case in which the nurse's aide kills a patient?

3. What do the witches call the book of spells?

4. What kind of house does Helen say she and her husband lived in when their son, Patrick, died?

5. What is the difference between night witches and day witches?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Helen say was the reaction of her husband after the death of their son?

2. What does Carl say is the reason his series about sudden infant death syndrome is so compelling to readers, especially parents and grandparents?

3. List the details Carl learns about the man in the trench coat that Carl killed.

4. What does Carl imagine could be the long-reaching effects of having the culling song become public knowledge?

5. Briefly describe three of three people Carl kills on the way back to his office.

6. How does Helen get into the home of the woman with the chickens on her apron?

7. How does Carl begin to make the connection about the poem and the deaths of children?

8. What is Carl's purpose for his first meeting with Helen?

9. What does Carl find Helen and the "chicken woman" doing when he returns from the bathroom?

10. What does Helen say about her ability to pray very quickly?

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