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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Helen say she's unplugged Patrick's cryogenic unit?
(a) So that she can use a spell to bring him back
(b) So that she can hold him while she dies
(c) So that the hospital will have to revive him
(d) So that he will die

2. What color is the dress Mona has on at the carnival?
(a) White
(b) Orange
(c) Blue
(d) Pink

3. When does Carl realize that Sarge is really Helen?
(a) When she writes the note
(b) When she begins to cry over Patrick
(c) When she smiles at him
(d) When she tells him it's her

4. What is blocking the sidewalk in front of the police station?
(a) A bicycle
(b) A dog
(c) A cow
(d) A car

5. What is all over the ground at the carnival?
(a) Cotton candy and soda cans
(b) Black cables
(c) Shadows
(d) Rocks

6. What are the newspapers calling the English Ivy that's run wild?
(a) The Green Menace
(b) Green Giant
(c) Wild Ivy
(d) The Ivy Monster

7. What is the effect of the spell Carl chants?
(a) Money falls from the chandelier
(b) Mona dies
(c) The chandelier disappears
(d) He floats to the ceiling

8. What is Nash wearing?
(a) A suit
(b) A white uniform
(c) A Grateful Dead t-shirt
(d) A white shirt and black tie

9. What do Helen and Oyster smell like when they return?
(a) Grease and soy sauce
(b) Smoke and whiskey
(c) Antiques and old leather
(d) Cologne and perfume

10. When Helen is talking to a client on the phone, what is the odor she asks is coming from the bedroom?
(a) Jell-o
(b) Urine
(c) Sulfur
(d) Alcohol

11. Why does Oyster say Mona hadn't revealed the grimoire earlier?
(a) She wanted time to plan
(b) She couldn't translate it
(c) She wasn't sure what to do with it
(d) She hadn't realized it

12. Why does a waitress say that they can't kill off the invasive English Ivy?
(a) It's resistant to all poisons
(b) It's all that's holding the town together
(c) Killing it will destroy the ecosystem
(d) There are picketers protesting

13. What is the only piece of furniture left in the living room when Helen and Carl go inside?
(a) A playpen
(b) A sofa
(c) A recliner
(d) A bean bag

14. What does Helen/Sarge say about how they should kill Mona and Oyster?
(a) They'll catch up with them
(b) The old-fashioned way
(c) They won't kill them
(d) They'll counter Mona's protection spell

15. What is Carl's deceased wife's name?
(a) Katrin
(b) Gina
(c) Amber
(d) Rebecca

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of shoes is Helen wearing at the carnival?

2. What does Carl say about the chandelier in the house where he meets Helen?

3. Why does Mona say so many women marry men in prison?

4. What does Helen say her "husband" wants to say when they knock on a door and a man answers?

5. What color is the meat-packing plant being painted?

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