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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Nash's copy of the culling song written on?
(a) The back of his identification badge
(b) In the first page of his notebook
(c) Nowhere, he has it memorized
(d) An index card

2. What does Mona say to Oyster when he's getting out of the car?
(a) That he was wrong
(b) That she hates him
(c) That he should sing the song to Helen
(d) That she's never going to leave him

3. What does Helen say she did with the page containing the culling song?
(a) Flushed them down the toilet
(b) Burned them
(c) Tore it up and threw the pieces outside
(d) Swallowed them

4. What role does Carl's wife play in the plans for that gift for their daughter?
(a) She paints the seat
(b) She paints the ceiling
(c) She sews a coverlet
(d) She arranges for a stable

5. What color is the meat-packing plant being painted?
(a) Black
(b) Blood red
(c) Grey
(d) Pink

6. What does Mona say about the new look Helen created for her?
(a) That Oyster loves it
(b) That she'd have chosen different a hair style
(c) That it's the equivalent of fashion rape
(d) That she loves it

7. What does Carl say to his father?
(a) Where he lives and works
(b) That he didn't kill his wife and daughter
(c) All the above
(d) That he'd seen them a few days earlier

8. What does the talking Judas Cow say in Stone River?
(a) Reject your meat-eating ways
(b) Please spare the cows
(c) Repent or go to hell
(d) Live long and prosper

9. What are the newspapers calling the English Ivy that's run wild?
(a) The Ivy Monster
(b) The Green Menace
(c) Wild Ivy
(d) Green Giant

10. Why is the heat in Carl's apartment on high when he gets home?
(a) To keep the pipes from freezing
(b) It's a spell cast by Mona
(c) To dry the primer coat of paint on his ceiling
(d) He forgot to turn the thermostat down

11. Who answers the phone when Carl calls the number that's appeared on his pager?
(a) An unnamed police dispatcher
(b) Sgt. Brian Boxx
(c) Officer Oliver Johnson
(d) Detective Ben Danton

12. What is Mona working on when Carl returns to the real estate office?
(a) A book
(b) A miniature house
(c) Her nails
(d) Her resume

13. How does Carl learn that it's really Oyster who's in Helen's body?
(a) Oyster calls Carl "Dad"
(b) Helen calls Carl and explains
(c) Carl realizes it's Oyster's eyes in Helen's body
(d) Oyster throws Patrick's body, something Helen would never have done

14. Where does Helen say she got the book she has been using as a planner?
(a) It was part of Basil Frankie's estate
(b) At a flea market
(c) It was in a haunted house
(d) It was a gift

15. What does Helen say Mona can use as a pattern to translate the spells in the book?
(a) A dictionary
(b) The culling song
(c) Another spell
(d) The experience of the Wiccan

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Carl's deceased wife's name?

2. What do Helen and Oyster smell like when they return?

3. What does Helen have with her when she arrives at the house?

4. What is it that Mona picks out of one of the blisters in Carl's foot?

5. When does Carl realize that Sarge is really Helen?

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