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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Mona working on when Carl returns to the real estate office?
(a) A miniature house
(b) A book
(c) Her nails
(d) Her resume

2. Why does a waitress say that they can't kill off the invasive English Ivy?
(a) It's all that's holding the town together
(b) Killing it will destroy the ecosystem
(c) There are picketers protesting
(d) It's resistant to all poisons

3. What does Carl do while Helen and Mona are inside a library looking for a copy of the book?
(a) Reads through her planner
(b) Sleeps
(c) Goes for a walk
(d) Makes some phone calls

4. Why does Helen say she's unplugged Patrick's cryogenic unit?
(a) So that the hospital will have to revive him
(b) So that she can use a spell to bring him back
(c) So that she can hold him while she dies
(d) So that he will die

5. What does Helen show Carl when she asks if they can go to LaughLand?
(a) A television advertisement
(b) A sad face
(c) A brochure
(d) A billboard

6. Where does the man say he's going to go in two days?
(a) To hell
(b) Back to work
(c) To kill his wife
(d) To court

7. What is the spell Sarge says is responsible for the talking cow?
(a) The enchantment spell
(b) He isn't certain
(c) The culling spell
(d) The occupation spell

8. What kind of flowers are growing in the window box in front of the post office?
(a) Roses
(b) Carnations
(c) Zinnias
(d) Forget-me-nots

9. When does Carl realize Helen has taken possession of the officer's body?
(a) When she tells him
(b) When she says she plans a body cavity search
(c) When she unlocks his handcuffs
(d) When she smiles at him

10. What does Helen suggest Mona do in order to discover what was used to write the spells in grimoire?
(a) Lick it
(b) Rub boiled cabbage juice on it
(c) Have it tested in a lab
(d) Heat it

11. Why does Helen say she accepts jewels as payment for assassinations?
(a) She loves jewels
(b) She hates haggling over the exchange rate
(c) She doesn't accept jewels
(d) She is trying to fill out a collection

12. What does Sarge write when he arrives at the hospital room?
(a) A phone number
(b) A suicide note
(c) A revival spell
(d) The culling song

13. What is blocking the sidewalk in front of the police station?
(a) A cow
(b) A car
(c) A bicycle
(d) A dog

14. What is Carl's deceased wife's name?
(a) Rebecca
(b) Amber
(c) Gina
(d) Katrin

15. What are the newspapers calling the English Ivy that's run wild?
(a) Green Giant
(b) The Ivy Monster
(c) Wild Ivy
(d) The Green Menace

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the only piece of furniture left in the living room when Helen and Carl go inside?

2. What does Carl say about the chandelier in the house where he meets Helen?

3. What does Mona say she's found as Helen and Carl get off the Ferris wheel?

4. Where does Helen say she got the book she has been using as a planner?

5. What does Carl do the morning his wife died?

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