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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the book Helen writes in when she's given a new assassination assignment?
(a) The Mirror Book
(b) The Grimoire
(c) My Diary
(d) The Book of Spells

2. What does Helen say she wants as payment for the assassination?
(a) A government appointment
(b) Nothing
(c) A specific diamond
(d) A half million dollars

3. What does Nash say he's done to make sure that the police will know what he knows?
(a) Has recorded their conversation
(b) Had an interview with the police
(c) Left a letter that includes the details with a friend
(d) Wrote a story for the newspaper

4. What is the detail the editor asks for in the hypothetical question on Carl's ethics test?
(a) The name of the paramedic
(b) The name of the babysitter
(c) The name of the grandmother
(d) The color of the ornament

5. What color are the candles Mona places on the flat rock on the floor?
(a) Purple and white
(b) Black and blue
(c) Orange and yellow
(d) Gold and silver

6. Why is Carl really meeting Mona?
(a) He wants to buy a house
(b) He believes she is a witch
(c) He's working on a story
(d) He met her on an online dating site

7. Where is Henderson when Carl gets back to work?
(a) He hasn't arrived
(b) He's at his desk
(c) He's at Carl's desk
(d) He's in the art department

8. What does the guy with sideburns say to the person on the cell phone?
(a) That he's on a job site
(b) That he's at work
(c) That he's at the doctor's office
(d) That he's at the bar

9. When is it that the sound of the baby's crying usually begins?
(a) The first night after moving in
(b) A couple of months after moving in
(c) A couple of nights after moving in
(d) At least a week after moving in

10. What is the purpose of the fur coat smeared with ketchup?
(a) Spilling the ketchup was an accident
(b) It's not really a fur coat
(c) It's a ritual of the Wiccans
(d) It's bait

11. What does Carl say will be used for art with the story he's writing about sudden infant death syndrome?
(a) Photos of funerals
(b) Photos of babies who were happy but now are dead
(c) Photos of empty cribs
(d) Charts outlining the mortality rate and potential causes

12. What does Carl say is the only pattern in crib deaths?
(a) That the number of deaths increases as the weather cools
(b) That the number of deaths increases during school vacations
(c) That the number of deaths decreases during times of economic stress
(d) That the number of deaths is completely unrelated to the weather

13. How many copies of the book were there in the original press run?
(a) 500
(b) 306
(c) 39
(d) 194

14. Which of the following is among the details Carl gives about the cab?
(a) That it stinks
(b) That it's grey inside
(c) That the driver is foreign
(d) That the seat has been slit

15. What is the first thing Henderson says to Carl when Carl returns to the office?
(a) That Duncan is dead
(b) Did he call the airlines about crab lice
(c) That everyone is looking for the culling song
(d) That Carl now reports to Henderson

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Helen say Carl needs to do if he wants to learn to control this power?

2. What is the difference between night witches and day witches?

3. What does Helen say she wants to do with the original copy of the book?

4. Where had the Stuart's eaten dinner the night before their deaths?

5. What color is the suit Helen wears to the Wiccan meeting?

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