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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 5-9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the detail the editor asks for in the hypothetical question on Carl's ethics test?
(a) The name of the grandmother
(b) The name of the babysitter
(c) The color of the ornament
(d) The name of the paramedic

2. Where does Carl and Helen meet for the second time?
(a) Helen's office
(b) An antique store
(c) A house that's for sale
(d) A secluded park

3. What is the basis for the advertisement regarding a class action lawsuit against Meadow Downs Fitness and Racquet Club?
(a) Tainted hamburgers
(b) Tainted turkey
(c) Poisonous spider bites
(d) A flesh-eating fungal infection

4. Where is the baby sitter when Carl goes to cover his second crib death story?
(a) Outside
(b) In the ambulance
(c) At the hospital
(d) In the bedroom

5. What page is the book "Poems and Rhymes" open to in two of the homes where there was a crib death?
(a) Page 27
(b) Page 321
(c) Page 148
(d) Page 82

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Carl say is the only fact known about sudden infant death syndrome?

2. What does Carl say he learned about the inverted pyramid in journalism school?

3. What does Carl say will be used for art with the story he's writing about sudden infant death syndrome?

4. Why is Carl really meeting Mona?

5. Why does Helen believe she's meeting Carl?

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