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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 23-27.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the man in the trench coat do to make Carl angry?
(a) Throws a newspaper on the ground
(b) Yells at an old woman
(c) Shoves him and calls him a name
(d) Refuses to move out of the way

2. How many copies of the book were there in the original press run?
(a) 306
(b) 39
(c) 194
(d) 500

3. What is Henderson's computer password?
(a) Password
(b) Sexymama
(c) Henderson
(d) No one knows

4. What color is Carl's tie?
(a) Blue
(b) Brown
(c) He's not wearing one
(d) Red

5. What does Nash say he's done to make sure that the police will know what he knows?
(a) Has recorded their conversation
(b) Left a letter that includes the details with a friend
(c) Had an interview with the police
(d) Wrote a story for the newspaper

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Helen call on her cell phone in her quest for directions?

2. What is it that's hanging around Oyster's neck?

3. What does Carl believe happened to the Stuarts?

4. Where does Carl and Helen meet for the second time?

5. What does Carl say is the only pattern in crib deaths?

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