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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Ayah punish Chato for teaching her English and failing to keep her kids from being taken away?
(a) She slapped him.
(b) She distanced herself from him.
(c) She cursed him.
(d) She moved out.

2. Ayah remembers what types of items in the black pot that are used for dying wool?
(a) Flowers.
(b) Berries, herbs, and plants.
(c) Berries, sage, and beeweed petals.
(d) Ink dyes.

3. Why does Ayah visually search every dark place in the bar?
(a) To see if the place is safe.
(b) To see if there are other Navajos there.
(c) To see if Chato is sleeping in them.
(d) To see if there is danger.

4. How does Ayah mourn Jimmie?
(a) With angry words.
(b) That night.
(c) Over time.
(d) At once.

5. Why does Ayah need to warm herself by the fire?
(a) She is wet from snow melting.
(b) She is angry with Chato.
(c) She wants to give her hands something to do.
(d) She is hot from walking.

6. Standing by the stove in the bar, what does Ayah decide to do?
(a) Sing.
(b) Dry her blanket.
(c) Sleep.
(d) Pray.

7. How did the blond woman behave while Ayah's children were visiting?
(a) Anxious.
(b) Happy.
(c) Nervous.
(d) Angry.

8. When Ayah looked at Chato's scarred hands and at his face, what did she think of him?
(a) He was broken.
(b) He was a stranger.
(c) He was her husband.
(d) He worked hard.

9. Why does Chato often disappear at the beginning of the month?
(a) He cashes their welfare check and buys groceries.
(b) He cashes their welfare check and puts it in the bank.
(c) He cashes their welfare check and drinks alcohol.
(d) He cashes their welfare check and splits it with Ayah.

10. In the present, at the beginning of the second section, where is Ayah?
(a) At home.
(b) In Cebolleta.
(c) In the woods.
(d) On the mesa.

11. Why is the Spanish polka music the only sounds in the bar?
(a) Everyone is silent, watching Ayah.
(b) Everyone is dancing.
(c) The bar is empty.
(d) The bartender orders everyone to silence.

12. What does the sound of the wind remind the main character of?
(a) A dog.
(b) The Yeibechei.
(c) A lullaby.
(d) A wolf.

13. What color was the item Jimmie sent to Ayah?
(a) White.
(b) Red.
(c) Blue.
(d) Green.

14. When Danny and Ella came to visit, whom does Ayah remember came with them?
(a) White women.
(b) Chato's family.
(c) Her mother and grandmother.
(d) Her mother.

15. At the beginning of the story, where is Ayah sitting?
(a) The edge of Cebolleta Creek.
(b) In the woods.
(c) Outside her hogan.
(d) On the mesa.

Short Answer Questions

1. In what manner does Ayah conduct herself in the bar?

2. Where does Ayah remember her mother taking her after the birth of her oldest son?

3. What happened to all of Ayah's other children?

4. When Ayah thinks back to the times she spent with her two children, what does she think happened?

5. What reminds Ayah of tufts of wool at the beginning of the story?

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