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1. The opening line reads, "the sun goes down, but the snow in the wind give off its own light." How does this beginning statement serve as an introduction to the main protagonist, Ayah?

"Lullaby" is told from a third person point of view, but we only receive Ayah's memories and emotions. She in the "sun" of the story. Her strength and loss presents the rays of the story and the windfall of change that rips through her life is the very basis of the story line. Her inner strength gives off its own light through the wind and reminds the reader the value of experience and holding on to one's identity.

2. In the opening paragraph of "Lullaby", Ayah reaches out to touch the falling snow--like her babies do--and this makes her smile. Describe how this analogy to youth ties into the title of the short story.

The title of the short story, "Lullaby", Ayah ties into the present events in the scene in the short story, but he's connected to the past by her memories. Ayah being without their children, and Ayah's role, places her in the position of mother and of her people, the Yiebachi people.

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