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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Chato often disappear at the beginning of the month?
(a) He cashes their welfare check and drinks alcohol.
(b) He cashes their welfare check and splits it with Ayah.
(c) He cashes their welfare check and buys groceries.
(d) He cashes their welfare check and puts it in the bank.

2. When the children visited for the last time, why did Ayah not say goodbye?
(a) Because they didn't understand her.
(b) Because they didn't say goodbye to her.
(c) Because she turned away from them.
(d) Because she forgot.

3. According to Ayah, what streams white mist in the sky's distance during the storm?
(a) Tail hairs of great horses.
(b) Smoke of giant pipes.
(c) Manes of great lions.
(d) Tails of great mules.

4. Why does Ayah feel her home is connected to her?
(a) She and Chato buy it.
(b) Her ancestors build it.
(c) It is a traditional Navajo home, and she is born there.
(d) Chato's mother lives there.

5. What is special about Ayah's and Chato's home?
(a) It is where Ayah was born.
(b) Her mother lives there.
(c) Her children's drawing are there.
(d) The door faces east.

Short Answer Questions

1. After a time, Ayah realized that she could no longer do what with her two remaining children?

2. Who allowed the children to be taken by the B.I.A.?

3. What is one characteristic of Ayah's mother's woven blankets?

4. What does Chato bring home in big brown boxes?

5. What does Ayah see pushing into the sky's distance during the storm in the fourth section?

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