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Objective: Setting. The landscape of the American Southwest is of utmost important to Native Americans, and Ayah's tribe of Navajo is no exception. The purpose of this lesson is for students to understand the connection the Navajo had between and the land.

1) Lecture: Find and present pictures and/or video of the American southwest. Students are to take notes about the differences between their landscapes and setting and that of Ayah's Navajo people.

2) Writing Assignment: Have students write a short essay that discuss how the setting can affect how one is raised, and how one's environment affects a person's view of life. How does the environment affect Ayah?

3) Class Activity: In what ways does Ayah demonstrate a connection to the land in the opening scene of the story?

4) Homework: Ayah's setting triggers memories of her past. In what ways does the setting serve as a connection for...

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