Lullaby Fun Activities

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Dress the Part

Make an outfit out of clothes (preferable old clothes if you have to cut them) that match the style of what a character in Lullably might wear during the story. Make sure to get permission from your parents before you alter (cut, paint, etc.) any of the clothes. Be prepared to present to the class.

Mandela Magic

Use symbols, colors or words to create a mandala that represents one of the characters from Lullaby. Remember to choose symbols carefully. Be prepared to justify your selection and present it to the class. Include a legend of what each symbol presents on the mandala and incorporate traditional Laguna Pubelo attire.

Story Song

Oral tradition is important to Native American tribes and the Laguna Pubelo is on exception. Bring a song or write lyrics to a song that reminds you of Lullaby and its adventures. Be sure to...

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