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Section 1

• The story begins in the middle of winter with the main character, Ayah, standing outside in the snow, wrapped in her son's blanket.

• She is in Navajo country, reflecting on her life and losses.

• The blanket is significant as it once belongs to her now dead son.

• She remembers how she is once happy to learn English, but how that knowledge turns against her and she loses her two children.

• She remembers that when her son Jimmie is killed in World War II.

• It is another government white man who comes to tell her of her loss.

• Ayah reflects on how safe she feels as a little girl when she watches her mother weave blankets.

• She remembers how connected her people are to their environment.

• Ayah ponders what she loses as a Navajo Indian living and working on a white man's ranch.

• Ayah recalls the day Jimmie...

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