Lucinda's Secret Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Holly Black
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Chapter 1

• Jared Grace is trying to turn his clothes inside out as protection against pranks played on him by a house brownie.

• He is not able to put his jeans back on inside out but at least has managed to turn his shirt.

• Thimbletack, the brownie is putting mud in Jared's shoes, cutting his eyelashes and peeing on his pillow.

• Simon, Jared's brother's cat is getting blamed by their mother. The pranks started after Jared forced the brownie to give up a seeing stone.

• In order to make peace with Thimbletack Jared offers the stone back but the brownie is unmoved.
• Mallory, Jared's sister, calls him downstairs and he trips and falls as his shoelaces are tied together. Mallory is holding up a water glass.

• His sister asks Jared to taste the water. He doesn't do so immediately, instead grabbing a piece of meat for Bryon the griffin...

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