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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Harvey say about the amount of food allotted to them?
(a) It is sufficient.
(b) It's amazingly generous.
(c) It's more than he believed he'd get.
(d) It's not enough for manual labor.

2. What does Dan learn from the encounter?
(a) That some people have already taken to cannibalism.
(b) That it is safest to go west.
(c) That there is a stronghold three miles northeast that might offer him shelter.
(d) That the West Coast is basically gone.

3. What does Hugo Beck say Armitage is preaching?
(a) The comet is punishment from God.
(b) That all works of man should be destroyed.
(c) The comet is a way of rearranging the power structure of society.
(d) The comet is Satan showing his power.

4. What is Harvey supposed to do?
(a) Operate a catapult.
(b) Create obstacles to delay the brotherhood.
(c) Get back to the ranch and request more manpower.
(d) Help Dan make gas.

5. Who killed Hora?
(a) Gillings.
(b) Hooker.
(c) Cowles.
(d) Jones.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who sacrifices his life to save the power plant?

2. What are Tim and Eileen sitting out while they eat?

3. What lands near Deke Wilson's property?

4. What is the topic of the meeting?

5. Who arrives at the Jellison Ranch?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Harvey designate to create obstacles for the New Brotherhood Army and what does he call himself?

2. What does Tim suggest about the power plant and what is the ultimate decision?

3. Discuss Maureen's conversation with the Reverend Varley and her response to it.

4. How does Tim and his group get admitted to the ranch?

5. What are Harvey and Mark doing at the opening to this section and what is their "take" on their efforts?

6. What does Maureen struggle with when she is out inventorying supplies in the area?

7. What does Beck say about the New Brotherhood Army?

8. What decision does Jellison make about Bonar and do you agree with his decision?

9. What are some people resorting to as they try to survive and what do you think of the idea?

10. How does the Reverend Armitage contribute to the unsavory things Alim and Hooker's group are already doing?

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