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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Senator Jellison hear while monitoring the astronauts' radio?
(a) That the President has been killed.
(b) That the comet is going to barely nick Earth.
(c) That the comet has slowed down.
(d) That the comet is going to hit the Earth.

2. What happens to Harry at Carrie Roman's house?
(a) He is shot at.
(b) He is given lunch.
(c) He is told to leave.
(d) Nothing; no one is home.

3. What is Tim Hamner hosting at his home?
(a) A super bowl party.
(b) A party to watch the documentary about the comet.
(c) A party to celebrate he and his wife's anniversary.
(d) A party for his daughter's sixteenth birthday.

4. What engulfs the island where Willis and MacDonald are sitting?
(a) A large steam cloud.
(b) Nothing, just a few small tidal waves come partly inshore.
(c) A huge lava flow.
(d) A giant tidal wave.

5. What is one thing Russia did in its space program according to Leonilla?
(a) Refused to share technology.
(b) Put on stunts to impress others.
(c) Developed a poor quality fuel.
(d) Banned woman from it.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who says they will keep the children who are with Tim?

2. Why is Rick Delanty delayed in doing his work?

3. Where is Eileen Hancock?

4. What is Harvey driving to get home?

5. What do Tim and Eileen decide to do?

Short Essay Questions

1. Identify who you think are the protagonist(s), antagonist(s) and two or three secondary characters and why.

2. Briefly describe Tim and Eileen's journey by car to the observatory.

3. Why do most scientists misjudge the path of the comet before it hits earth?

4. What is Harry doing when the comet strikes and what is his response?

5. What exchange between Barry and Delores seems to remove some pressure from Barry?

6. Why are Frank, Mark and Joanne in the desert?

7. How does Harvey help Maureen resolve her inner conflict?

8. What does Harvey find when he goes to search for his son and the other Boy Scouts and do you think Harvey makes the right decision?

9. What are Harvey and Mark doing at the opening to this section and what is their "take" on their efforts?

10. How does Tim and his group get admitted to the ranch?

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