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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Rick Delanty's claim to fame?
(a) He discovers a shift in the polar region that changes the earth's rotation.
(b) He figures out how to divert the comet.
(c) He discovers the shift in the comet's trajectory.
(d) He will be first black man in space.

2. What do the astronauts think about the earth?
(a) That it is fragile.
(b) That it is very resilient.
(c) That it is old.
(d) They are thinking about the comet, not the earth.

3. What does Harvey find when he arrives home?
(a) His front door is open.
(b) His house is destroyed.
(c) His son is waiting on the lawn.
(d) All looks normal.

4. What does Tim notice about his family?
(a) They do not seem to care about the comet.
(b) They are very close-knit.
(c) They have grown apart.
(d) They all are so proud of him.

5. Why does Sharps decide to call Senator Jellison?
(a) To ask for more funding for the lab.
(b) To ask about a bill before the Senate right now.
(c) To suggest a manned space station to study the comet.
(d) To suggest funding for a new observatory in the Arctic.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the Hammerlab realize the morning the comet is to arrive?

2. Why does Gil think he might live?

3. What are two things Alim and Harold plan to secure?

4. What does Harry Newcombe have once a week?

5. Who wants help to retaliate upon China?

Short Essay Questions

1. What policy does Jellison and his cohorts decide upon and do you agree with them?

2. How do Tim and Eileen use a clever ruse to make their way through the hysterical crowds?

3. Who finds Harvey and what do they do?

4. How does Harry happen take up residence at a chicken ranch and do you think he has the right to do so?

5. What do Tim and Eileen do after leaving the observatory and what is your analysis of their actions?

6. What demonstrates that the women are handling the situation quite well?

7. How do the astronauts decide to land in California?

8. Define the literary term "comic relief" and give an example of it from this section.

9. Why are Frank, Mark and Joanne in the desert?

10. Describe the activities aboard the space shuttle and comment upon the conversation.

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