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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are Chet and Mabel Hawker and their friends, the Andersons, doing when they see a flash of light?
(a) In a outdoor church service praying.
(b) Playing cards on a plane.
(c) Running for their storm shelter.
(d) Trying to reach the mountains near Los Angeles.

2. Where does Dr. Sharps' group decide to meet?
(a) At the Jellison ranch.
(b) Near the Nevada border.
(c) In the hills outside Los Angeles.
(d) Somewhere in Oklahoma.

3. What is being handed out in Tujunga?
(a) Gas masks.
(b) Ration cards.
(c) Identification badges.
(d) Permits to travel.

4. What do Tim and Eileen find off the main road?
(a) Two horses grazing.
(b) A way to climb upwards.
(c) A dead woman.
(d) A gravel road.

5. What does Harvey do?
(a) Lies on the bed.
(b) Calls his wife on the cell phone.
(c) Goes to the neighbor's house.
(d) Leaves in his travel all.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Rick Delanty's claim to fame?

2. How do Tim and Eileen manage to get away from the city?

3. What is Harvey driving to get home?

4. Why does Gil think he might live?

5. Who is driving the travel all as they leave Harvey's house?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens when Tim and Eileen try to buy a car and what is the implication?

2. Why does Harvey wonder about where Marie might be?

3. What does Harvey find when he finally makes it home?

4. Most of the major characters are introduced in these first dozen or so chapters and much of what is written is about the protagonist(s), antagonist(s) and secondary characters. Define those three terms.

5. Briefly describe Tim and Eileen's journey by car to the observatory.

6. What happens to Norm Lilly that demonstrates the continued deterioration of law and order?

7. Why is the rain that is falling salty?

8. Do you think Harry is a little crazy for continuing his pursuit to deliver the mail?

9. Describe a couple of Harry's "appointed rounds" and an evaluation of this man.

10. Define the literary term "comic relief" and give an example of it from this section.

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