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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Tim Hamner hosting at his home?
(a) A party for his daughter's sixteenth birthday.
(b) A party to celebrate he and his wife's anniversary.
(c) A super bowl party.
(d) A party to watch the documentary about the comet.

2. Where do Tim and Eileen almost drive off the road?
(a) At a collapsed road.
(b) When they are almost to the observatory.
(c) They are on foot and not driving.
(d) Right after leaving Tujunga.

3. Why is a bearded man on Ocean Blvd calling out to others?
(a) For his lot dog.
(b) For money.
(c) To have them pray.
(d) For help as he is stuck under some debris.

4. What does Harry Newcombe have once a week?
(a) A day at a health spa.
(b) A drink in honor of his deceased wife.
(c) Trash day.
(d) A day hiking in the hills near his home.

5. What happens to Harry at Carrie Roman's house?
(a) He is shot at.
(b) He is given lunch.
(c) He is told to leave.
(d) Nothing; no one is home.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where are Major Bennet Rosten and Captain Harold Luce waiting commands.

2. How do the Sinanians die?

3. For whom are they sending helicopters?

4. What do Tim and Eileen find off the main road?

5. Who arrives as Harvey is almost asleep?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do Tim and Eileen find when they arrive at Tujunga and what is the implication?

2. How does Harry happen take up residence at a chicken ranch and do you think he has the right to do so?

3. Why does Harvey wonder about where Marie might be?

4. Describe a couple of Harry's "appointed rounds" and an evaluation of this man.

5. How do Tim and Eileen use a clever ruse to make their way through the hysterical crowds?

6. What is one repercussion of the "gloom and doom" message preached by Henry Armitage and others?

7. What demonstrates that the women are handling the situation quite well?

8. What happens when Tim and Eileen try to buy a car and what is the implication?

9. Most of the major characters are introduced in these first dozen or so chapters and much of what is written is about the protagonist(s), antagonist(s) and secondary characters. Define those three terms.

10. Briefly describe Tim and Eileen's journey by car to the observatory.

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