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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through June: Four; Hammerfall Morning; Hammerfall: One.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Sharps say are the odds of the comet hitting earth?
(a) Ten to one.
(b) Fifty to one.
(c) A zillion to one.
(d) Five to one.

2. Why do the astronauts consider aborting?
(a) They want to get back to their families.
(b) They think they can help more on earth.
(c) They are afraid of the future.
(d) Their lab will likely be pelted with, at the least, high-velocity gravel.

3. Who is the "Brown" in the name of the comet?
(a) It is Tim's wife's name.
(b) It is Tim's boss's name.
(c) It is the name of the lab where Tim works.
(d) It is the name of a young man who discovers the comet about the same time as Tim Hamner.

4. Why does Sharps decide to call Senator Jellison?
(a) To ask about a bill before the Senate right now.
(b) To ask for more funding for the lab.
(c) To suggest funding for a new observatory in the Arctic.
(d) To suggest a manned space station to study the comet.

5. What are Alim Nassor and his brother, Harold Davis, doing?
(a) Trying to figure out where is safe from the comet.
(b) Hiking in the Rockies.
(c) Casing houses of people who are leaving the city.
(d) Digging a comet shelter.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Dr. Leonilla Alexandrovna Malik want to be doing?

2. Why does Fred Lauren murder Colleen?

3. What does Barry ask Delores?

4. What is one thing Russia did in its space program according to Leonilla?

5. Who is Delores?

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