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The Hammer-Brown

The comet discovered by Tim Hamner.

Kalva Soap Company

The company owned by Tim Hamner.

San Joaquin Nuclear Power Plant

A nuclear power plant whose operation has been delayed by an array of problems but comes online just as the comet strikes.

Corrigan Plumbing Supplies

A company in Burbank where Eileen Susan Hancock works.

Security First Federal Bar

The bar where Harvey meets up with Mark Czescu.

Soda Springs

The location where Gordie is camping with a group of Scouts, including Harvey Randall's son, Andy, when the comet hits.

The Hammer Lab

The nickname given to the space laboratory manned by Russians and Americans to study the Hamner-Brown comet.

The Stronghold

The nickname given to Senator Jellison's mountain ranch after the comet.

Jet Propulsion Laboratories

Where Dan Forrester and Dr. Sharps worked that was tracking the Hammerlab when the comet struck Earth.

San Joaquin Valley


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