Lucifer's Hammer Character Descriptions

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Tim Hamner - The character who discovers the comet who worries he's going to be recognized and killed for having "invented" the comet.

Senator Arthur Clay Jellison - This character is a fan of the space program, and it's at his request that the United States puts astronauts up to study the comet.

Al Hardy - Senator Jellison's right-hand-man, this character says he had hoped to win the Congressional seat when Jellison retired.

Maureen Jellison - This character hates the thought that she's the princess of Jellison's kingdom.

Harvey Randall - A documentary filmmaker who focuses on the comet as the subject for one of his projects.

Barry Price - The project manager at the San Joaquin Nuclear project, this character holds onto the power plant after the comet strike.

Dr. Leonilla Alexandrovna Malik - The Soviet who is trained as a kosmonaut and remains hopeful that...

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