Lost Victories Short Essay - Answer Key

Erich von Manstein
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1. What advantages did Manstein say Germany had over Poland?

Manstein said that Germany had two main advantages over Poland. They had larger numbers in their military force, and they had better equipment in their army.

2. What did Manstein say Poland was relying on when the German attack began?

Manstein said that when Germany began to attack and invade Poland, Poland was waiting for France to come and help them just as they had during the WWI when France helped them gain German territories.

3. Why was Manstein moved to the 18 Division?

Manstein was moved from his original post to the 18 Division after a scandal involving him came to light.

4. Why was Poland let down when they were invaded by the Germans?

When Poland was first invaded by the Germans, the Polish people were very let down as the French refused to launch attacks on Germany. They were willing to defend themselves if needs be, but they would not attack.

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