Objects & Places from Lost Victories

Erich von Manstein
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Poland, Polish Campaign

This was the first country that Hitler attacked with his military.

Western Front, France, Belgium, Holland, Luxemburg, Western

In May 1940, Hitler attacked this and caused many nations were to surrender by June 20th, 1940.

Operation Sea Lion

This was a proposal from Hitler to invade Great Britain in September 1940.

The Manstein Plan

This was a plan for breaking through that involved funneling a large tank force through the poor roads of the mountainous regions.

The Schlieffen Plan

This was the old World War I plan to invade Holland and Belgium with a strong attack along the German right flank, along the Channel.

Dvina Bridges, Dvinsk

These were captured within 5 days by Manstein, though they were almost 200 miles past the starting line of attack.

The Crimea, the Battle for the Crimea and Sevastopol

This is a strategic peninsula that extends south into the Black Sea in the...

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