Lost Victories Character Descriptions

Erich von Manstein
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Field Marshall Eric von Manstein, Manstein, General Manstein

This person is well-known as perhaps the Nazi's most brilliant general.

Adolf Hitler, Dictator and Supreme Commander of Germany

This Nazi refused to delegate authority for military plans and was willing to take risks in his early bloodless victories.

Field Marshall v. Runstedt, Runstedt

This person was in charge of Army Group A, the group that would have to make the attack through the mountainous Ardennes region.

Col.-Gen. Zeitzler, Commander-in-Chief of the O.K.H.

This person realized that he was the Commander-in-Chief of the O.K.H. in name only, with the Nazi leader making all the decisions.

Lt. Specht

This person was given the nickname Pepo, for his energy and sense of humor. He died in an airplane crash while seeking some time closer to the front while deployed near Lake Ladoga.

Herman Goring, Commander of the Luftwaffe (Air Force)

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