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Richard E. Kim
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where has the boy's father been taken?
(a) To talk with the Emperor.
(b) To the market.
(c) To the police headquarters.
(d) To a detention camp.

2. What happens when the boy won't apologize?
(a) He is told to write an essay on all he did wrong.
(b) He is beaten with a bamboo stick.
(c) His mouth is washed out with soap.
(d) He is sent home in shame.

3. What job is the boy given when his hands are bleeding and oozing?
(a) Gravel carrier.
(b) He is able to take the day off.
(c) Water carrier.
(d) Shoveling.

4. How does the boy get home after his punishment?
(a) He is carried home by someone who finds him.
(b) His mother comes and picks him up.
(c) By ox cart.
(d) By bus.

5. In what kind of drill do the upper-class school children participate?
(a) Shooting drills.
(b) Fire drills.
(c) Drills with bamboo spears.
(d) Bombing drills.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the classmates think of the teacher who lives with them?

2. Where is the mother in February?

3. What is the weather like as they stand on line?

4. Why are the Korean farmers limiting their crops?

5. What are all the children in the Empire given when Japanese troops occupy Singapore, Malaya, and Borneo?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain the quandary the classmates are in when the teacher starts attacking the boy? How do they react, and what is the boy's response to them?

2. What is the boy's condition when he arrives at his home?

3. What is unusual about the mothers visit, and how does she get time with her son?

4. Why does the boy have an issue with his white rice?

5. Why is the morning in the household hectic? Describe the breakfast schedule.

6. Why does the boy have to bring three logs to class, and how does it benefit him?

7. What is the class play about, and why does the boy get his part, according to the grandmother?

8. Why does the father wear traditional Korean clothing and a black armband to go change his name?

9. What happens when the students have oozing blisters?

10. What decision does the boy have to make, and what does he tell the Japanese teacher?

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