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Richard E. Kim
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why are the Korean farmers limiting their crops?
(a) It's a bad year.
(b) They are tired of farming.
(c) They don't have the money to plant.
(d) The Japanese are requisitioning their growth.

2. What are all the children in the Empire given when Japanese troops occupy Singapore, Malaya, and Borneo?
(a) Statues of the emperor.
(b) Celebratory certificates.
(c) Rubber balls.
(d) Photographs of the emperor.

3. What happens to the boy during his punishment?
(a) He passes out.
(b) He realizes he should have apologized.
(c) He loses control and lashes out at the Japanese.
(d) He is rescued by his fellow students.

4. What does the boy's sister want him to make her?
(a) Ice skates.
(b) A fort.
(c) A doll.
(d) Breakfast.

5. With whom does the mother eat breakfast after she feeds five others?
(a) She eats alone.
(b) She eats with the maids.
(c) She eats with the grandparents.
(d) She eats with her husband.

6. Where has the boy's father been taken?
(a) To the market.
(b) To talk with the Emperor.
(c) To the police headquarters.
(d) To a detention camp.

7. Years later, what do they discover in the shrine?
(a) A gold replica of the Emperor.
(b) Their old names.
(c) Two sticks from a "sacred" tree.
(d) A sword.

8. How does the boy initially feel about his own stubbornness?
(a) It terrifies him.
(b) It surprises him.
(c) It feels strange.
(d) It feels good.

9. What does the teacher do when he sees the boy's sack?
(a) He praises him for collecting so much.
(b) He punches the boy.
(c) He realizes that there is sawdust in it.
(d) He asks the boy how he found all the contents.

10. How does the father react when someone offers his spot on line to the father?
(a) He takes the spot as if he deserves it.
(b) He pretends that he doesn't hear the man.
(c) He thanks him and changes spots.
(d) He respectfully refuses to change spots.

11. What does the grandmother put in the boy's lunch that upsets him?
(a) A note.
(b) Peanut butter sandwiches.
(c) Eggs.
(d) White rice.

12. What does the teacher in the sleeping quarters ask of the boy?
(a) He asks the boy to help him sit up.
(b) He asks the boy for water.
(c) He asks the boy to remember how he helped the boy when the war is over.
(d) He asks the boy to read for him.

13. When the soldier asks if anyone is dying, how does the boy respond in his head?
(a) He thinks that he is dying himself.
(b) He thinks to himself that the Japanese Empire is dying.
(c) He thinks the Korean race is dying.
(d) He mentally laughs at the soldier's pretense of concern.

14. What does the visitor bring the boy?
(a) Sheets and underwear.
(b) Books.
(c) Snacks.
(d) Bandages.

15. Why is it particularly hurtful to the Koreans to lose their names?
(a) They have great respect for their ancestors.
(b) They have lost everything else.
(c) They always have to do what the Japanese demand, and it's humiliating.
(d) They can't pronounce the new names.

Short Answer Questions

1. What part does the boy have in the play?

2. What does the visitor tell the boy?

3. How does the sister feel about the new baby?

4. Why does each class go to the shrine once a week?

5. Who does the Inspector claim to be?

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