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Richard E. Kim
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the grandmother feel about food?
(a) She will only make traditional dishes.
(b) She makes a feast, thinking there's never enough for everyone.
(c) She feels that a diet should be simple yet solid.
(d) She hates cooking.

2. How do the other passengers react when the father is being questioned?
(a) They push the inquisitors out of the compartment.
(b) They stand up and defend him.
(c) They ask why he is being questioned.
(d) They turn their heads and look away.

3. What happens to the students if they don't bow toward the Japanese Emperor?
(a) They are beaten.
(b) They have to write an essay on the importance of respect.
(c) Nothing.
(d) They have to go up on stage for a humiliating lecture.

4. Where does the class go on a field trip the first day of school?
(a) To the soldier training camp.
(b) To the beach.
(c) To see a movie.
(d) To the woods.

5. What makes the mother feel even better about her situation?
(a) They have a good dinner, which makes her feel better.
(b) They will make a lot of money.
(c) Her God is with her.
(d) Her family is with her.

6. Who takes his father off the train?
(a) The Korean Thought Policeman and the Korean Military Policeman.
(b) The Japanese Thought Policeman and the Japanese Military Policeman.
(c) The conductor.
(d) The engineer.

7. How old is the author in 1933?
(a) 40.
(b) 1.
(c) 7.
(d) 20.

8. What does the map in the classroom depict?
(a) The topography of the area.
(b) The advance of German rule.
(c) The shifting of the continents.
(d) Only Japan.

9. What bothers the boy as he looks around at his friends who are playing?
(a) They are too rough.
(b) He thinks they are too poor and unkempt.
(c) He knows they are going to lose their names.
(d) He knows they will all die.

10. What honor is bestowed upon the boy?
(a) He reads the scriptures.
(b) He is the class treasurer.
(c) He is the acolyte.
(d) He is the class leader.

11. What time of day is it when the mother waits?
(a) It is night.
(b) The dawn is just breaking.
(c) It is midmorning.
(d) It is close to noon.

12. Who must attend Sunday school?
(a) All the school children, unless they have a note from a doctor.
(b) No-one has to go. It's voluntary.
(c) All school children, even sick ones.
(d) Just the wealthy.

13. What treaty is signed in August of 1939?
(a) The German-Japanese Mutual Non-Agression Treaty.
(b) The German-Russian Mutual Non-Agression Treaty.
(c) The Japanese-Russian Mutual Non-Agression Treaty.
(d) The Japanese-Russian Mutual Non-Agression Treaty.

14. What do the adults do while the boy is looking through books and magazines?
(a) They whisper about the war.
(b) They discuss books.
(c) They have coffee together.
(d) They write political propoganda.

15. Where does the teacher take the boy?
(a) To a disciplinary room in the school.
(b) To a Chinese restaurant.
(c) To the beach.
(d) To the field.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who helps teach the boy to hunt?

2. What is going to happen to the missionaries in Manchuria?

3. How does the mother react when the train starts moving?

4. What is the train compartment like?

5. Why is it upsetting when the train begins to move?

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