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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Penny give Eva for her birthday that got her writing juices flowing?
(a) A blank notebook.
(b) Stationary.
(c) A typewriter.
(d) A diary.

2. What language did Eva begin writing in when she began taking writing seriously?
(a) Italian.
(b) English.
(c) Polish.
(d) French.

3. How long did Mr. Ostropov's lessons run?
(a) 30 minutes.
(b) Sometimes up to 3 hours.
(c) 1 hour and 1/2.
(d) 1 hour on the dot.

4. What did Eva's mother mean when she said that Eva was becoming "English?"
(a) She wanted to go to school in America.
(b) She didn't want to be seen with her mother.
(c) She was learning the language too quickly.
(d) She was becoming "cold."

5. After Eva's parents worked their business out of their basement, where did they move the business?
(a) The moved the business upstairs.
(b) They sold out of their truck.
(c) They rented a store.
(d) They bought a store.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who did the Wydra's stay with when they arrived in Vancouver?

2. Why was Alinka receiving more of a Jewish education in Canada than Eva?

3. What was the address where the Wydra's first lived in Vancouver written on the "I'm lost" card?

4. What kind of home did Eva's parents buy in Canada?

5. What story of success did Eva's father hear from a man who spoke Yiddish about a Polish Jew who came to Canada?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Eva see Mr. Rosenberg after the Wydra's had been in Canada for a bit? How did he change in Eva's eyes and why did she perceive him differently after a short time?

2. As Eva learned new words and expressions, why was she baffled by "You're welcome?"

3. When Eva dreamed of staying in Poland, how did she imagine her life would have been had she stayed? What was "normal" to Eva and why did she believe that life in Poland would have been "normal?"

4. When did Eva realize that discussing communism with her classmates was a waste of time?

5. How did Canada's work ethic affect Eva's father and his view of himself?

6. When Eva and her friends would see a foreign film in Poland, what questions would they ask about the characters in the film? How does this relate to Eva's life in Canada?

7. Give an example of how the Wydra's became paralyzed by choices and how they made decisions?

8. What role did humor play in learning a new language for the Wydra's and especially Eva? What was it like for Eva to tell a joke? What did not translate from Polish to English?

9. How did the concept of "internal goods" give Eva comfort and allow her to feel more comfortable with herself?

10. When Eva and her family arrived in Canada, how did Eva view the two parts of her life?

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