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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How, according to Eva, did girls act in Canada when talking about boys?
(a) Kittenish.
(b) Stupid.
(c) Bossy.
(d) Shy.

2. What did Eva's sister do almost the entire trip from Montreal to Vancouver?
(a) Ran around and played.
(b) Slept.
(c) Ate.
(d) Giggled nervously.

3. What did hearing English distorted feel like for Eva?
(a) Made her sick to her stomach.
(b) Grated on her like chalk screeching on a blackboard.
(c) Made her laugh.
(d) Made her cry.

4. When Eva saw a black man on her travels to Vancouver, who did she think he looked like?
(a) Ray Charles.
(b) Martin Luther King.
(c) Harry Belafonte.
(d) Wilt Chamberlin.

5. What was the address where the Wydra's first lived in Vancouver written on the "I'm lost" card?
(a) 6845 Twin Peaks Ave.
(b) 4848 Circle Drive.
(c) 1785 Pioneer Street.
(d) 1785 Granville Street.

6. What did Mrs. Steiner disapprove of that Eva's father did?
(a) He left his wife.
(b) He quit his job at the lumber mill.
(c) He drank.
(d) He started a junk company.

7. What did Eva and Alinka discuss on their way home from school as they dawdled along Main Street?
(a) Boys.
(b) Other Jewish families in Vancouver.
(c) Tupperware or a blouse or an embroidered collar -- things in the store windows.
(d) The problems with their mom and dad.

8. What two popular shows on T.V. did the men go to the den to watch during parties in Canada?
(a) Friends and I Love Lucy.
(b) The Lawrence Welk Show and the Ed Sullivan Show.
(c) I Love Lucy and Bonanza.
(d) Father Knows Best and the Ed Sullivan Show.

9. What did Eva's father settle into for work in Canada?
(a) He ran an antique store for fine antiques.
(b) He collected and sold junk.
(c) He worked for a construction company.
(d) He ran a diner.

10. What was the Canadian version of McDonald's?
(a) White Castle.
(b) Joe's Diner.
(c) McDaffy's
(d) White Spot.

11. Why couldn't Eva hear herself on the radio when she was interviewed at 14 years old?
(a) Her family didn't own a radio.
(b) She didn't know how to find the radio station.
(c) Her mother thought she was on T.V.
(d) She didn't understand that she was on the radio.

12. What did Eva's teacher, Mr. Jones ask her about that only she could answer?
(a) Being a piano player.
(b) Being an immigrant.
(c) Having short hair.
(d) Living in a Communist country.

13. What did Penny's sister, Janet, try to do?
(a) Run away.
(b) Sneak out to see a boy.
(c) Buy liquor.
(d) Kill herself.

14. Where did the Wydras live inside the house in which they stayed when they arrived in Vancouver?
(a) The attic.
(b) The spare bedroom.
(c) The basement.
(d) The "family" room.

15. How did the Wydra's travel from the Canadian port city to Vancouver?
(a) By car.
(b) By train.
(c) By plane.
(d) By ship.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who were the favorite singers among Eva's parent's friends in Canada?

2. How many languages did Eva's mother speak?

3. When Eva went out with her new friends in Canada, what was the boy wearing who teased Eva and called her a "foreign student?"

4. What did Eva think that the sliced cheese and bologna smelled like?

5. What are Eva and Alinka dressed in when they arrive in Vancouver?

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