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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Zinkoff's first teacher's name?
(a) Ms. Mikes.
(b) Ms. Munk.
(c) Mrs. Mirk.
(d) Miss Meeks.

2. Who does Zinkoff want to hold his hand as he goes to school?
(a) His mother.
(b) Nobody.
(c) His father.
(d) His sister.

3. What does Andrew call Zinkoff's neighborhood?
(a) The subrubs.
(b) The ghetto.
(c) A pit stop.
(d) A dump.

4. What passes Zinkoff as he is running?
(a) A car.
(b) A bird.
(c) Older boys.
(d) Some dogs.

5. What does Zinkoff do when he is ready to go to school?
(a) Gulps.
(b) Shivers.
(c) Cries.
(d) Laughs.

6. What does Zinkoff throw up on in Mrs. Biswell's class?
(a) Her eraser.
(b) Her desk.
(c) The floor.
(d) His desk.

7. What is Andrew's last name?
(a) Orson.
(b) Orwell.
(c) Ottwell.
(d) Orton.

8. What is the name of Zinkoff's first school?
(a) John W. Satterfield Elementary.
(b) John Adams Academy.
(c) John Wilkins Elementary.
(d) John Quincy Adams School for Children.

9. What makes the children giggle at Zinkoff on his first day at school?
(a) His enthusiasm.
(b) All of these.
(c) His name.
(d) His hat.

10. What are children compared to in the first chapter?
(a) All of these.
(b) Parked cars.
(c) Scenery.
(d) Trash cans.

11. How many days will kids be in school during their educational careers?
(a) 3,022 days.
(b) More than 2,000 days.
(c) 1,500 days.
(d) 1,000 days.

12. What do Zinkoff's parents do when he gets out of control at the table?
(a) Take away star stickers.
(b) Send him to his room.
(c) Sing a quiet song.
(d) Walk away.

13. What is not noticed in the first chapter?
(a) Seasons.
(b) Mothers.
(c) Children.
(d) Time passing.

14. How does Zinkoff discover he can run forever?
(a) If he goes fast enough.
(b) If he believes in himself.
(c) If he keeps turning right.
(d) If he brings his mother.

15. How many steps lead to Zinkoff's cellar?
(a) 9.
(b) 11.
(c) 10.
(d) 12.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mrs. Zinkoff do to make money?

2. What does Zinkoff love to hear more than anything?

3. When does Zinkoff go down to his cellar?

4. What day of school does Zinkoff want to miss?

5. What is Zinkoff's sister's name?

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